CSS fun: labels that change colour when their input is focused

This is the sort of UX that should be easy to do, but is not.

CSS pseudos allow us to style different form input states, like input:focus. This is fine but ever wanted to also highlight the label element for that input? You just can’t do it.

Typical markup is:

<label for="email">LOGIN</label>
<input required type="email" name="email" id="email" class="dark-input" />

CSS3 has no backreference (reverse combinator) selector so we can’t go input:focus < label or whatever syntax (eg. ! in MooTools Slick).What you can do is apply a sibling style instead by re-arranging your DOM

<input required type=”email” name=”email” id=”email” class=”dark-input” />
<label for=”email”>LOGIN</label>

The above HTML now allows for the natural CSS selector of:

input:focus + label {
    color: white;

But now the label looks like it’s underneath the control. You can move it back up by using some translate() to offset the order:

label {
    transform: translate(0, -30px);
    color: #ccc;

Want to see it in all in action? Here comes batman…

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