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  1. 11 Jun '09 at 10:56 am |


    It is great that people review commonly available products and spend time writing about their experiences. However it is a real shame that before publishing a negative article like this that you havent done a bit of basic research.

    Yes there was a problem that caused this error and it could obviously have been causing lost customers which is never good. However, it isnt difficult to fix has not been rejected as such by the people at CubeCart. When doing your testing, please at least try to use the latest version available. A simple check with the people at CubeCart would have given you all of the information regarding this


  2. 15 Jun '09 at 12:27 am |

    So you’re using a post that is more than two years old (May 2007) and is using version 3 (when they are very soon going to be releasing version 5) to put down CubeCart ? I am not connected with CubeCart but have been using the product myself for 5 years and installing and supporting others through my hosting business ( for 3 years and would not have stayed with it if it was anywhere near as bad as you infer.

    Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion but at least try to keep it based on a current version of the software and backup your allegations with specific facts

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  4. Joff
    Joff 5 Aug '09 at 7:30 pm |

    I’m a big fan of CubeCart but appreciate that ecommerce applications are different things to different people. I wasn’t aware of this potential bug with 4.2.0 and whilst none of my clients are on versions that old, it’s good to know what bugs have existed, which were fixed and which remain!

  5. storyboo
    storyboo 28 Aug '09 at 3:21 pm |

    Thank god for this blog post is all i can say. I run a digital store and get hundreds of orders a month and I have at least 20 people contacting me saying that cant freaking login…register…add to basket!!! And im running 3.0.19. So ive got the free does it too. Interesting to add though. ITs really mostly Rukispot’s SEO mod that he offers that is the damn culprit. Yeah its nice..but jesus..fix the effing thing to not have this issue..I’m having several of my clients now test a second store setup just for testing this change to see if it indeed fixes it. I have tried everything and now I notice that free cubecart unlike cubecart4 doesnt come with rukispot’s mod already installed. CC$ has it built in. CC3 have to buy it. Then you have a spider.txt file to edit. I deleted everything inside. These modders of cubecart piss me off to no end as does cubecart which is exactly why ive decided to write my own cart software. Cubecart can just go suck it.

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