So long and thanks for all the fish

This is one of these posts that you write with your heart sunk and a feeling of regret… After 4+ fabulous years with WebTogs, I am moving on to pastures new.

It has been an absolute blast. I got the chance to start with a simple whiteboard idea and built a e-commerce start-up from the ground-up. A chance that I dare say took and did well out of, considering the lack of resources and other developers. Today, WebTogs is no longer a mere start-up site: it is a widely recognised and award-winning brand name, probably one of the biggest in the outdoors e-commerce industry. I cannot help but step back and marvel at our accomplishment with pride.

I got the chance to work with all aspects of the development process, from server administration, mysql structure and optimisation, PHP code, HTML 5, CSS3, javascript, SEO and SEM. I also got to discover the wonderful world of MooTools and have not looked back since.

But it is now time to pursue a career in what I have discovered that I enjoy doing the most: Front-End development with JavaScript and MooTools in particular. To that end, I am happy to say I have joined a new startup by QMetric and am looking forward to whatever new challenges that brings as well as whatever new skills and practices working there will allow me to develop.

I will continue helping out the guys at WebTogs as much as I can and hope we can continue our relationship together. Some of the people at Webtogs I have known and worked with for over 10 years and that’s a loooong time indeed. Thank you for all the great moments and the incredible mutual respect, flexibility and understanding that allowed us to create the site and build the business.

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