The Insane Inside theme

This is my second attempt at creating a wordpress theme, largley sponsored by coffee and MAXCDN! It is more or less what I’d class as minimalisistic but with the right features for me, very much in active development. The Lemming is a sprite animation class (there’s a post about it somewhere) and it’s also copyrighted by Psygnosis and DMA – HI!

As of time of writing, broken are:

  1. code snippets (have extra lines in them from old skin)
  2. code referenced that no longer works due to upgrades to mootools or dci_lib.js

The javascript itself is powered by the mootools 1.2.3.x framework and my own library of code. Everything is unique and written from scratch through UEstudio IDE, graphics through Corel PhotoPaint. It’s called insane inside in honour of a team that was once great.

GitHub flavoured markdown enabled.

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