About fragged.org

fragged.org has been around since 1999. Initially inspired by the game Quake by iD Software, it then focused on Quake ]I[ Arena, Doom ]I[, RTCW: Enemy Territory and Painkiler.

For a time, it was also the home of Thievery Corporation, a Q3A Capture The Flag (CTF) clan.

But that’s all gone now, time finally caught up with me, a serious job and a family, a baby little girl… All this led to fragged.org becoming just blog site, covering JavaScript/nodejs/MooTools and other ‘things that matter’

What else?

My name is Dimitar Christoff, I am a 37 year old JavaScript developer from London, currently employed as a consultant in finance. Should you wish to contact me, you can do so via email: christoff at gmail.com or @D_mitar on twitter.

My Stack Overflow profile:

profile for Dimitar Christoff at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

… and the SO [#mootools] top user ranking

I like open source and use GitHub a fair bit.

GitHub flavoured markdown enabled.

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